Miranda Bertholet: Protect public lands

For everyone who loves Rhode Island's beaches, the new year -- and a new Congress -- could bring new promise that Rhode Island's beaches and public lands will be protected for generations to come.


Barrington store to remove plastic bags

At a public meeting on a proposed town-wide plastic bag ban, representatives from the Shaw's Supermarket chain announced it will be removing plastic bags from its Barrington location.


Shaw's Supermarket bans plastic bags in Barrington

Shaw's Supermarket says it will no longer provide plastic bags at its store in Barrington as the town debates a ban.


Barrington, RI Plastic Bag Ban Considered

The Barrington Town Council voted on Monday to direct the town's solicitor to draft a proposed ban. The move follows a recommendation by the town's Conservation Commission to prohibit plastic shopping bags to encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bag. Under that recommendation, shoppers could also purchase paper bags for 5 cents each.


Study shows high storm frequency in RI

A new Environment Rhode Island Research & Policy Center study reveals that Rhode Island is getting heavier rain storms than it used to.